The Georgia Division of USA Fencing serves as a group of elected officials, charged with promoting and facilitating fencing in Georgia.

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What We Do

Welcome to the official website for the Georgia Division of USA Fencing. Elected by our members, we work to promote the sport of fencing throughout Georgia by:

  • Facilitating USFA-sanctioned regional events

  • Supporting Georgia Division clubs

  • Training and supporting regional referees

  • Supporting Georgia fencing athletes

Photo courtesy of the Wiggers.

Photo courtesy of the Wiggers.


Georgia Fencing Highlights


Georgia fencing clubs 


Georgia fencing athletes


age-range of Georgia fencers 


Updates & Links

  • Schedule: Find a complete list of this year's regional events in the 'Schedule' tab

  • Renew Reminder: To participate in USFA-sanctioned events (for ratings), all competitors must renew their Competitive USFA Membership

  • Club Renew Reminder: Similar to competitors, all Georgia division clubs must renew their USFA Club Memberships prior to holding any USFA-sanctioned events.

Renew Your USFA Membership

Photo provided courtesy of William Chase.

Photo provided courtesy of William Chase.



Send us your photos of Georgia Fencers or tag them on Instagram with #WeFenceGa to see them featured in the gallery here.