Georgia Division Code of Conduct 

Whether practicing or competing at any Georgia Division club or tournament, our goal at each one is to foster an atmosphere of sportsmanship that helps fencers grow as athletes and allows us to develop a Georgia community centered around fencing. 

Help us shape & grow the Georgia Division Fencing Community by doing the following: 

  • Show encouragement to all participants, especially your fellow Georgia Division fencers 
  • Demonstrate respect to all participants, no matter their skill-level, club or attitude 
  • Model sportsman-like conduct to all participants, setting a good example for new or youngest Georgia fencers
  • Adhere to all USFA rules and regulations, especially rules designed to keep participants safe
  • Treat referees and officials with respect, even when disagreements happen 
  • Cheer on participants from a healthy distance as a spectator, giving fencers and coaches space to compete or practice 
  • Report any disruptions or unsportsmanlike conduct to the Georgia Division board — we’re here to help