Find a Fencing Club in Georgia

With the sport of fencing growing in Georgia, you can find clubs for all ages and skill levels all over the state — even in your neighborhood. Find a comprehensive list of fencing clubs in Georgia below.


Note to Georgia Division Clubs: Any information incorrect? All bios have been written using information from each club's website. Per request of the national office, we've removed any clubs that haven't yet paid their annual USFA dues. Please contact us once paid and we will update the list.


Arsenal Fencing Club - With two locations, one located near Sprayberry High School in Marietta, and the other located on Buford Highway in Duluth, Arsenal offers group lessons, individual lessons and training in saber fencing for students of all ages. Focused on providing a competitive atmosphere that prepares fencers for success in national and international competitions. Coaches Eugene Maksymov and Mahmoud Samir ElBakry, plus assistant coaches provide instruction.

 Athens Fencing Club - Located in the Athens, Georgia area, Athens Fencing Club offers group classes, group lessons, individual lessons and bouting in foil, epee and saber for students of all skill-levels. Head coach Allen Schneider established Athens Fencing Club after coaching in Atlanta and seeing a need for an all-ages club in the Athens area.

 Athletic Club Northeast - Located in North Druid Hills at the Athletic Club Northeast, Lotus Fencing academy trains fencing athletes of all ages and skill-levels. Head coach Walid Mahran and assistant coaches offer instruction in foil and epee fencing, with private lessons, bouting, youth classes and fitness classes.

 Atlanta Fencers’ Club - Located 10 minutes south of Midtown near Tyler Perry Studios at Fort McPherson, Atlanta Fencers’ Club serves as the one of the oldest club fencing clubs in the Southeast. Offering training in all three fencing weapons — Maestro Gene Gettler and assistant coaches teach foil, epee and saber. The club offers youth classes, group classes, bouting, camps and individual lessons for students of all ages.

 Augusta Fencers Club - Located in the heart of Augusta in a large space, Augusta Fencers’ Club trains fencing students of all skill-levels in foil, epee and saber. Head Coach Rudy Volkmann established the club in the late 1980’s and has been offering lessons, group lessons, bouting, classes, camps and more ever since.

 Dunwoody Fencing Club - Located right on Highway 92 in Roswell near Pike’s Nursery, Dunwoody Fencing Club offers instruction for all skill-levels in epee fencing. With instruction from Head Coach Kathy Vail and four other coaches, DFC offers bouting, private lessons, group lessons and group classes for beginner, beginner youth, intermediate and advanced students.

Elite Fencing Academy - Located in Johns Creek, Elite Fencing Academy offers a range of fencing courses in epee of every skill level. Head Coach Ahmed Fayez and the staff at Elite Fencing offers beginner classes, elite classes, private lessons, open bouting, camps, and much more.

Georgia Tech University Yellow Jacket Fencing Club - The Yellow Jacket Fencing Club is the official Georgia Tech club for fencing. Founded in the fall of 2004, the club has grown from a handful of members to well over 80 students and alumni. The club’s members have maintained a common love for the sport and an intense camaraderie. They participate in collegiate and USFA-sanctioned events.

iMasters Academy - Located in Smyrna, iMasters Academy offers fencing instruction for all skill-levels and ages. It offers private lessons and group classes for youth beginners, adult beginners, intermediate and advanced fencers, specializing in epee.

Nellya Fencers - Located in West Midtown close to the Westside Provisions District, U.S. Olympic Coach Arkady Burdan established Nellya Fencers in 1990. With a team of coaches, he offers instruction in saber for athletes of all skill-levels, with group lessons, private lessons, conditioning, classes and camps. Notably, Nellya Fencers has produced some of the most-recognized fencing athletes from Georgia, including U.S. Olympians.


Olympic Fencers Club - Located off of Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek, Olympic Fencers club offers instruction in epee and foil for all ages and skill-levels. Former Korean National Team Coach, Maestro Kun Bae Lee and a staff of coaches offer bouting, group lessons, private lessons, classes and camps.


Premier Fencing Alliance - Located next to The Walker School, near several Cobb County high schools and The Big Chicken, Premier Fencing Alliance offers instruction in saber and epee for fencers of all ages and skill-levels. Founder Audrey Barroso, Head Coach Dimitri Kirk-Gordon and assistants offer instruction in youth classes, competitive classes, group lessons, camps and private lessons for all ages.


Savannah Fencing Club - Located in the Salvation Army Community Center, Savannah Fencing Club practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. They teach saber, epee and foil, for ages 11 and up. They're well-known in the state for hosting the only (unsanctioned) tournament on the beach each summer, Sabre in the Surf.


University of Georgia Fencing Club - The official fencing club of the Georgia Bulldogs — the University of Georgia Fencing Club invites undergraduate and graduate students of all skill-levels to participate in foil, epee and saber fencing. With twice-weekly practices, students can learn fencing for fun or for competition. This club fences in several collegiate leagues, as well as at many USFA-sanctioned events.