Announcing the Division Championships & Referee Clinic April 14-15 in Marietta

The Georgia Division of U.S. Fencing is thrilled to announce the Division Championships & Referee Clinic April 14-15 in Marietta. Sponsored by the Georgia Division of USA Fencing, the Division Championships provide an exclusive tournament for Georgia’s Div. 1 fencers and an exclusive clinic for the Georgia fencing referee community.

Information for Fencers 

Originally established years ago (when Division 1 fencers no longer qualified for Nationals through the Divisional Qualifiers), we’re excited to re-launch this exclusive tournament for Georgia’s highly-competitive Div. 1 fencers with an A, B or C rating. Mark your calendars with the details and read on for information about prizes.

  • Tournament: Division Championships
  • Date: April 14-15
  • Location: Premier Fencing Alliance | 819 Pickens Industrial Dr N E #5 | Marietta, GA 30062
  • Cost: A's fence FREE | B's fence for $10 | C's fence for $15

Prizes? We’ve got them. Winners will receive BF White FIE blades with German points for foil and epee, and a pair of blades for saber.

Trophies? We’re bringing those back too. Winners in each weapon will earn a Championship Cup to be presented to the champion’s club. Each trophy will be re-presented annually to the winners of each year’s championship — inscribed with the winner’s name, year and club.

Sponsor a Trophy

The Champonship Cups will be special — which is why we’re offering the chance for clubs or fencers to sponsor a trophy. When you do that, you’ll be able to name the chamionship trophy after you, a club or someone who helped your fencing career, like the “JANE DOE WOMEN’S FOIL CUP”. You can sponsor a trophy anonymously or publicly for $80 per trophy, contact Dr. Rudy Volkmann at for further information.

Information for Referees 

In association with the Georgia Division Championship, we will offer a Georgia Division-sponsored referee clinic on the 14th and 15th at the same facility, with national and international clinician Mary Mahon running the show. Everyone is invited, of course, but we are trying to advance the ratings of many of our referees, so there is a sliding registration fee favoring those who already have their ratings and are trying to improve their standing.