New Season, New Georgia Division Points System

We hope that you all are enjoying your summer and are taking advantage of the many fencing camps that are being offered. Big changes are coming this upcoming season with the Georgia Division Points list. Some of you may be thinking “The Division has a Points List?” Yes, Georgia Division has a points list! Previously points could be earned by attending any local tournament hosted in Georgia (not including regional and national events). At the end of the season the top three fencers on the many lists would receive a recognition at the end of the year, either a trophy, plaque or certificate.

What’s New?

For the 2019-2020 season there will be certain tournaments designated as “points earners”. Some tournaments may offer more points than others and will be designated as “Grand Prix”. Only one tournament per club per season will be designated as a Points Tournament. Points Tournaments will be noted on the Division Calendar on the Division’s website, as well as on copies of the schedule that will be sent to each club showing the designations. There will also be a more formal recognition of the top three fencers in each category at the end of the season. (More to come about this. Stay Tuned!)

How will Points be Calculated?

As mentioned above there will be some tournaments where you can earn more points than others. There will be three types of tournaments, Regular, Grand Prix, and Championships. Clubs will choose which tournament will award points and the tournament type will be assigned by the Division.

Regular Points Tournament Grand Prix Tournament Championships

Place Points Place Points Place Points

1 32 1 48 1 80

2 26 2 39 2 65

3 20 3 30 3 50

Top 8 14 Top 8 21 Top 8 35

Top 16 8 Top 16 12 Top 16 20

Top 32 4 Top 32 6 Top 32 10

Top 64 2 Top 64 3 Top 64 5

65 and Up 1 65 and Up 1.5 65 and Up 2.5

How will Points be Awarded?

Points will be awarded to top 16 or top 40% (rounded up) whichever is greater. Points are only awarded for Division sanctioned tournaments. Only the following tournament categories will be eligible to earn points, Open, Div II, Div III, Y10 Y12 Y14, and Vet. There could be 10-15 tournaments per season at which fencers could earn points.